Our Wedding Day

Here is a look back at my husband (Kenny) and my wedding day.

It was important to me to shop small, local and to highlight women-owned businesses as much as possible.

I was asked time and time again, "Who will shoot your wedding?" and I honestly, didn't even think twice.

I worked with Lydia, of Lydia Ruth Photography , in the past while doing video work for a bride.


She was a great vendor to work with and I loved her style.

The colors of my wedding were bright and bold, so I knew the rich tones she uses would be perfect.

Betsey Johnson- Elsa Evening Pumps

Betsey Johnson- Elsa Evening Pumps


For Hair and Makeup we went with The Bride Bar. I have been going to The Blowout Bar for many years and was confident they would be able to tackle my 15 bridesmaid- bridal party with ease.

The owners helped me coordinate everything directly up to the wedding day.


I think for any girl, it is difficult to have someone else do your hair and makeup, when you are unsure of the outcome but every.single.girl. in my bridal party looked STUNNING.


I had a separate makeup artist who I fell in love with.

You can find her on Instagram as Jasmine Hairston.


I loved the idea of robes for my bridesmaids but with it being chilly and fall, I went with flannels.

Amber from Gypsy Bridge helped curate a customized collection of gem toned options for my ladies!


My flower girls are smart and sassy little ladies, they needed tutus as big as their personalities.

Huge thank you to Christie from Once Upon a Time Tutus , who hand-made these and sent them with an incredibly fast turn around time.


I had a great experience with Wendy's bridal. This dress was from "Essence of Australia".

Wearing my momma's jewelry.

Wearing my momma's jewelry.


 I wanted everyone to ride together but with our size of bridal party (30ish) I knew that a limo would be tight and a party bus isn't really my style.

Columbus Trolley was easy to work with and our driver was great!

Photographer problems. I guess I just can't put my camera down.

Photographer problems. I guess I just can't put my camera down.


With both sides of our families being creative we were so fortunate to add their beautiful touches to the day.

It was very important to Kenny, to continue his family tradition of being married at their home.

I was more than happy to do so. The property is gorgeous and more importantly, holds a special place in everyone's heart.

Carm and Kendra (my mom/sis in law) run a beautiful shop in downtown Canal Winchester, called Cornersmiths.

They turn old pieces new and give a fresh spin to home decor.

It was fun to see their creativity come to life and I am very appreciative of all they did to curate the ceremony space + barn + men's lounge area.


Loves his momma.

Loves his momma.


My uncle Scott performed our ceremony.

My dad used to wear really colorful 'party' ties and my uncle honored him with his tie.


Our gorgeous 10 foot floral wreath brought to life by Kenny and his brother Koel (who built it) and We are Flowerheads who beautified it with their flower magic!


Love my family so much!


Kenny made all of his groomsmen wooden bow ties and cuffs.

He is the master of making anything.

Love our crew!

Love our crew!


I really wanted variety in my bridesmaid dresses. 99% of these are from Vici Collection.


My bright bouquet -along with my sister's bouquets- are from The Flowerman

Traci worked with us to build bouquets, centerpiece prep and much more. 

We had fun putting them together and were so pleased with the results!

The blue dyed silk ribbon on my bouquet was from The Lesser Bear.

Missed my dad but I know he was there in spirit.

Missed my dad but I know he was there in spirit.


Our gorgeous white-washed farmhouse tables came from Auburn and Ivory Creative

Meredith was wonderful to work with and we loved having her tables as a special touch for our reception.


I can't say enough about Two Caterers. From our initial consultation to their amazing staff and delicious food... they went above and beyond.

O'neil Tents

O'neil Tents

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE ZenCha Tea. They made my tea dreams come true by being a part of my wedding day. 

We had an initial tea tasting and they helped me curate the best options for my guests. They even created a special bubble tea for me! I couldn't be happier to have had Siri, Megan and all of the Zencha staff as part of our big day.

My dream fabric wall- made by the lovely ladies of Cornersmiths

My dream fabric wall- made by the lovely ladies of Cornersmiths

Of course, the Candy Boat had to make an appearance in the barn!

Of course, the Candy Boat had to make an appearance in the barn!

Always dancin'.

Always dancin'.


We had Black Velvet Desserts for our cake and additional whiskey infused tarts/treats.

They were the perfect sweet addition to our day.

First Dance- Wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston

First Dance- Wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston

Capitol City Sound kept us on the dance-floor all night!

Capitol City Sound kept us on the dance-floor all night!


We also had to have our favorites Johnson's Ice Cream [used to take a lot of dates there] and some tasty, hand-spun cotton candy from Pouf!

We had the best day ever and are so grateful to all of our vendors. 

Finally, but certainly not least, our amazing videographers Stitched Cinema.

They are an awesome duo to work with and I can't wait to see the full production. Here is a teaser below!